It imparts leadership qualities to the student. They teach responsibility while still being enjoyable. These activities are very important for the overall development of a child. An activity based curriculum has been designed to cater to various physical, mental and psychological needs of the growing children. Different activities organized in the school help to explore and hone the talent of the students. The school has been grouped into four houses i.e.


Each house works under the supervision of the House master/House mistress who prepares the children to participate not only in the Intra School but inter school competitions.


Education is a way to keep the body fit mentally and physically. Laying stress on this statement, the school provides a very compatible environment for sports students. Abundant facilities for the physical training of the students on mass scale provide them opportunities to display their talents in various games. The school is proud to provide facilities for various outdoor and indoor games. Trained coaches in all games give training to the students.


Travel and adventure add species to a monotonous and mundane life. As a measure of inculcating the spirit of adventure and to give field experience, children are sent to various places of scientific and historical importance on educational tours and trips. These outings are a part of the school curriculum. Moreover the students develop their personal, behavioral, intellectual, social and emotional skills and inculcate a feeling of national integration, co-operation and brotherhood.


Regular orientation workshops and in-service training programmes are organized for the staff members to update their knowledge of latest technologies adopted from time to time. The faculty members are usually sent to different organizations for attending seminars, workshops for their professional growth. Highly informative programmes are organized by various reputed institutes to apprise the students of Senior Secondary classes with various career opportunities in service sector.


After every Assessments and evaluations, parents are requested to visit the school and discuss with the class teacher and subject teachers about the progress of their wards. These meetings serve the useful purpose of understanding the student and facilitate in understanding his/her psychology.


It is a common place for all schools to have laboratory facilities to comply with the requirements of the board with which they are affiliated. At ABS, Thiruvallur the laboratory facilities have been designed and provided with the intent to capture the child’s creativity, interest and further learning process.


The CSL has been designed to allow children for accessing independent terminals in a professional round table manner. More than 40 children can access the computer lab at any given point of time. MIT Scratch programming is the favourite language of the children here, right from Standard III onwards. The children astound as a seasoned programming professional by developing complex games, narrating story using scratch.


Math lab allows the child to visualize mathematical concepts and to be surrounded by a plethora of different theorems, equations, shapes etc that can allow free thought and assimilation of the concepts.


The labs have been designed to provide access to the children to experiment with the concepts in science that they need to work on. Built in a state-of the art design, the labs have over 500 specimens and all the equipments required for fundamental theories of Physics, Chemistry and Biology is available in abundance.
Learning science is a fun and experimental in ABS School. Science is taught as hands on activity-based life skill. Students spend their time in the labs actively experiencing science, rather than passively having it demonstrated to them by the teachers. In the labs, all students learn how to design and execute their own experiments, record their findings and drew up scientific reports. The labs are equipped with latest technological devices in order to support cutting-edge experimentation. A strong emphasis on scientific method is inculcated in students from the very beginning onwards.


“In kindergarten you can learn how to be a citizen of the world” “All I really need to know …….. I learned in my childhood ………” The Kindergarten children at ABS School are engaged in various activities. The KG activity room is a fun-filled colourful area, demarcated into several partitions. There is indoor play area, Montessori material, sand play, clay art and a bunch of other activities that children can indulge in order to develop their budding motor and physio- social skills. The children here learn all they need to, in order to go ahead into Primary school and there on to Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary school without a hitch.