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ABS Group, the octogenarian company had its genesis in the year 1936 when it initially started trading in building materials like cement, steel, plumbing, electrical goods etc., alongside agro-goods like ploughs & fertilizers. In the years that followed, ABS also ventured into retail business of hardware products like paints and motors,inward & outward transport divisions.
In the 1950s, ABS Group diversified into land banking and real estate businesses and made its indelible mark in the industry by offering modern, unique yet affordable housing solutions to the people as well as aiding to realise the dream of common people of owning a piece of land. Currently ABS Groups boasts of 3 billion turnover a year that speaks volumes of its capabilities and standing in the industries it has forayed into.
In 2009, ABS opened a new chapter in its book of history by setting its foot in the education sector. What started as a way to express gratitude to our hometown Thiruvallur, grew leaps and bounds and now ABS Group has established 5 schools of repute in various places of Greater Chennai & Thiruvallur with a humungous strength of 3000+ students, that includes 4 schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education. The unstinted support of the people to quality education imparted in our institutions is the underlying testimony for this unparalleled growth. In fact, our ABS Group of Schools has set the bar high for the standards in education and the knowledge domain and ABS Groups is committed to establish such centers of excellence in future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a vibrant forum for quality education, with a scientific temper, adaptive to the changing needs of time, to ensure all round development of the child and expose him/her to a wide spectrum of a co-cultural learning which is essential to make the child confident and ready to step out in today’s challenging world, to garner the best values from the Indian tradition and other world cultures and expose the children to rich Indian culture and spiritual heritage, creating genuine respect for their country. At the same time acquaint them with the world heritage and engender in them a spirit of openness, respective, tolerance.
It is endeavour to mould our students to be compassionate, progressive and professionally successful human beings responsive to the global culture and heritage, in an environment of sharing & caring. We believe that every child has a talent, which if fostered in a conducive environment will enhance his/her over all development. We strive to provide a lively, warm & purposeful atmosphere for pursuit of excellence.
The motto of the school is “Knowledge is Power”. Wisdom and truth are to dispel the darkness of ignorance & desire. We encourage our students to assimilate these principles, so they grow up to be constructive members of the society and be patriotic.


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