This is the beginning of a new epoch.

  • Spacious class rooms with scientific ventilation & aeration with a minimum of 600 sq. feet each and the state -of-the-art-facilities.
  • Each class room is fully equipped with audio visual facility and with Interactive Whiteboards, the latest technology in the world today, which can receive and save text shown and written.
  • The overhead projector theatre system is connected to a computer in each classroom which enables learning through audio - visual media.
  • Motivating the students to accomplish individually as well as a team.
  • The Alumni of IIT and IBM with high class technologies train our teachers with international institution's expertise using modern tools and teaching practices
  • The entire administration is fully computerized and each parent will have the transparency of going through the performance of their children through well connected website, emails and SMS system.
  • Parent App was launched in 2016-17 were in the parents can access the performance of the students and track the regular activities of the School.
  • With proper proportion of tradition and technology the children of Thiruvallur will be at par with global students.