Welcome to ABS Vidhya Mandhir
World class School

We at ABS Vidhya Mandhir are very proud to introduce you to this tantalizing glimpse of the purposeful & varied life at our school. Our aim is to guide each individual towards a confident, resourceful, independent and happy adulthood well qualified in every way. If you share that vision for your child, this is the school for you.

We are a holistic school which offers a broad and balanced education, academic, artistic, practical & physical – so that all our students can fully explore talents & interests in their formative years. We are also an inclusive school, where every pupil is equally important to us. Over here the balance of learning support, physical development and pastoral care is tailored to the needs of the individual child. Sports, Music, Art & Drama are all renowned strengths of the school and a glance at our monthly calendar reveals the wealth of activities, trips and events which provide so many opportunities for our students to shine. The relaxed warm and unpretentious atmosphere of our diverse, vibrant community will strike you immediately. We stress courtesy, concern & respect for all the members of our school. To see why children come from such a wide area, visit us , meet our staff & talk to our students – They are our best advertisement.

Parent App

You may wish to download our App to keep up-to-date with our latest news & Calendar dates, view our videos and photographs as well as other useful school information.

Teaching with Technology (Digital Classrooms)

Technology can have a reciprocal relationship with teaching. The emergence of new technologies pushes educators to understand and leverage these technologies for classroom use. As technology has improved, so has the way of its dissemination to the students in a quantitative manner. Digital classroom solutions provide interactive, visual simulations to aid in teaching simple and complex concepts in almost every subject for almost every class.

We feel proud to have been associated with probably the best service provider in this field to cater to the needs of our students in this respect. Undoubtedly, with these recent technologies in the classroom, strong conceptual knowledge can be achieved, as well as difference between the ways they approach the outside world is tried to be seamless.

Homework Policy

Students should try and do their homework entirely on their own, without the help of their parents. They should develop a regular homework routine, keep their parents informed with respect to homework assignment and show them the finished work. Students should ensure that their homework assignments are completed on time and that all supporting books and materials are carried back to school.

School Website

Your wards' school places a lot of emphasis on integration of information technology for the smooth functioning of the school and for minimizing efforts in communication. With this in view we maintain the school's website, which more than anything else, serves as a portal for dissemination of information about the school and about the happenings on the campus. The website also serves as a notice board giving information about admissions, vacancies, recruitment, and other related information.