Mrs. PREETHA KB MENON, M A,BEd., MPhil., (Eng)., MSc.,(Psychology)., PGDMLD., - Principal (CBSE)


Pleasant greetings from ABS Vidhya Mandhir!!!

“Education is the Mother of Leadership”

– Wendell Willkie.

Education is not merely transferring of the contents in the syllabus to the young minds in the classroom but prepare them face the life in a calm peaceful manner with confidence.

I am blessed to have an opportunity to work with a team of educators who go hand in hand with a common vision to take the best out of the students and give the best citizens to the nation preparing them compete and succeed in the world through the world class education.

ABS Vidhya Mandhir, Tiruvallur, believes that 'Knowledge is Power'. Guided by this motto, we are committed empowering our students with the wisdom and truth necessary to dispel the darkness of ignorance and desire.

At ABS Vidhya Mandhir, we encourage our students to assimilate these principles, fostering a deep understanding of the value of knowledge and its transformative potential. Our aim is to cultivate individuals who not only excel academically but also grow into constructive members of society, driven by a sense of patriotism and a commitment to positive change.

In our vibrant learning community, we provide the tools and guidance necessary for students to develop critical thinking skills, cultivate empathy, and embrace diversity. Through a rigorous yet nurturing academic environment, we prepare our students to navigate the complexities of the modern world with confidence and integrity.

We are dedicated to nurturing the minds, hearts, and spirits of our students, empowering them to become leaders who illuminate the path towards a brighter future